Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crop For Autism 2013 Update!!!

Hello Everyone....just wanted to share some exciting updates with you all!! We are close to selling out and urge you all to get your money in and encourage anyone you listed as a table mate who hasn't paid already to do so very soon!!! We hate to turn people away but it happens every year! Please remember not to arrive at the crop before 8:30. We still have set up in progress. Thank you for understanding. We have an exciting raffle prize for anyone who donates any food, soda, snacks or items for the garage sale table!! It is a fully loaded Clip it up!!! YES..LOADED with embellishments. I do not even know the $$$ value because it is filled with soooo many embellishments it too much to calculate! It is well over 250 dollars though! Everyone will receive 1 raffle ticket PER ITEM of donation. So for example someone who donates a bag of chips, bottle of soda, gallon of milk and a scrapbook item will receive 4 tickets and so on.... So the more you donate the more tickets you get!! Please know we need wrapped candy ( easter chocolates should be on sale right after Easter so be on the lookout!) diet soda and snacks. We can always use bags of lettuce too!! ...we never seem to have enough salad items! LOL We are pleased to share some very exciting Raffle prizes we will have at the crop this year!! Here are some pictures!!! Good luck to everyone!! We look forward to seeing everyone again and some new faces as well! Please let me know at if anyone has any contacts at Deli's or restaurants for our hero's for lunch. We are always begging!! I also just wanted to mention that Our Annual GRACE GALA is scheduled for April 19th at the Excelsior on Hylan Blvd. It is our BIGGEST Fundraiser of the year and what we count on to operate our wonderful programs. I know tickets are expensive at $150pp but if ANYONE HAS ANYTHING THEY CAN DONATE FOR RAFFLE BASKETS THAT IS NON SCRAPBOOK RELATED IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Fundraising has become so difficult in this post-Sandy economy. Unfortunaltely Autism knows no difference in the state of our economy, it is sadly 24/7... 365! That being said we will accept anything...unused items for baskets, gift cards, gift certificates etc. maybe you know someone who runs a business or can donate a service?? If you have anything you can donate you can just bring it to the crop! I will give extra raffle tickets to anyone who does so!! Just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for your support. I can't wait for you to see how big both Nick and Nemo have gotten!! Best, Barbara